• Image of AARON DILLOWAY - Lip Syncing to Verme LP

AARON DILLOWAY - Lip Syncing to Verme LP
33 RPM
Ltd. edition of 500
No repress

Artwork: 2 colors offset print on folded recycled paper

"A new solo Dilloway LP is always cause for celebration round these parts: Infinite Lucifer, Chain Shot and Rotting Nepal are still regular spins and it’s hard to think of anyone with such a peculiarly personal approach to the accumulated strata of degraded loops. This one comes in an edition of 500 copies with a fold-out sleeve and takes as its ‘theme’ satanic biker gangs and associated culture. It opens with one of Dilloway’s more pastoral and eerily evocative pieces, with the sound of wind through grass and music box/wind chime sounds that come on like The New Blockaders running on empty, before a lonely female voice hymns a post-apocalyptic landscape completely denuded of people and Dilloway ramps up the metal percussion. Fantastic. The second side expands on the atmosphere of implied amplifier violence before dropping to a hypnotic twilight zone where cosmo-keys and arcs of classical tone flit past in what sounds like the initiation soundtrack of Satan’s Slaves. So file it next to Infinite Lucifer for maximal light. Recommended!" Volcanic Tongue review

LISTEN THE PREVIEW HERE: http://soundcloud.com/hundebiss-records/aaron-dilloway-lip-syncing-to